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Monday, May 14, 2012

Checking In...

Where have I been? I feel like such a bad blogger! Life has been a little crazy around here. I will post weigh in pictures tomorrow! (Pinky Promise!!)

Here is this week's schedule: 
Monday - rest 
Tuesday - gym (cardio)
Wednesday - gym (strength)
Thursday - gym (cardio)
Friday - gym (strength) 
Saturday - gym (cardio) 
Sunday - rest

How is everyone else doing with your lifestyle changes?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Warning: Contains Venting!

I get so frustrated when people say "this isn't working" "i'm not losing anything"...etc. We have all heard those words and may have even said them ourselves. (i have!) But it's the ones that sit there with a big.mac in one hand and fries in the other saying that! Well now when you have 1300 calories in one sitting while your not doing any type of exercise (other than everyday activities) IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK! The ones that want that simple pill that will make all the fat away. I don't understand. Life is not simple. Why take the easy way out? Why not work for something that you want so much?

I am by NO MEANS saying I am a professional or have not have rough days or even the slightest bit perfect!!! I have and will continue to have because it's my lifestyle not just a diet. If I have a rough day, I realize that I just need to put forth more effort the next day. I just get so frustrated with people complaining but yet they are not putting forth an effort.

Put forth the effort! Watch what you eat. Eat at home. Drink your water. Portion Control. Get out and get your body moving. It will take time and dedication but you have to work for it!

Note: This is not directed at anyone of my fellow bloggers. I am just venting. Please do not take it personally!