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Monday, April 23, 2012

Week Two: Getting Back On Track

Down .2 lbs since last week. Not bad since all I did was eat and not exercise last week. (Thank you AF!)

Today is time to get back on track after last week!!

This week's goals:
-stay under 1300 calories (Are you on MyFitnessPal?)
-get back to my eating schedule
-Gym Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
-30 Day Shred Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
-at least 64 oz of water
-lose this weight I have gained back!!! (the most important)

Get Fit Coast to Coast: Mini Challenge -
Drink only water! This will be easy. Thats all I do! :)

How is everyone else doing?!?


  1. Congrats! Any loss is a good one, yes? ;)

  2. Hi Ashley! Sounds like a great plan. I'm on MFP. I'll look you up!

  3. Thats what I lost last week. Good luck this week.