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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello World!

Wow! It's been FOREVER!

I can't say I fell off the wagon totally. I have been so busy with life that being at the gym and updating this blog has become almost non-existent. I feel horrible! I have come to realize that I need to start back. I felt so much better during the day when I was blogging and working out in the morning. I am still watching what I'm eating and also my calorie intake. I can't say I haven't had cheat meals/days but I feel that they are okay as long as you don't take it overboard. If you give up EVERYTHING you will never succeed. (in my opinion!!!!)  

So jumping back on the wagon and going full speed ahead. I can't change what has been done but I can only look towards the future. I want to be able to give myself a healthy lifestyle change forever..not just when it's convenient.

I have recently applied to become a FitFluential Ambassador in hopes that I can be motivation for someone else who is just starting out in a new lifestyle change of their own. I want to be able to show others through my blog, twitter and pinterest how this isn't a diet it's a lifestyle. So keep your fingers crossed that I am accepted!!! XX

How is everyone else doing?? Let me know and I'll be back in a few to comment on your updates! :)

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