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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday - October 28, 2011

Today actually marks day 4 for working out at Anytime Fitness this week. I'm feeling really good about how I'm sticking to it and I actually look forward to going. I feel so much better after I leave the gym. I think next week I'm going to start adding 10 mins for the next 3 weeks and by the end of middle of November I will be working out for an hour and a half. 

Today I walked at a 3.5 mph pace for 45 mins with a 3 min warm up at 2.0 mph and a 5 min cool down at 2.0 mph. After walking I did the elliptical for 15 mins. I can tell a difference already just in the little over a week I've been working out. I can't wait until my one month mark comes to see the difference! 

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