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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Friday!

So I couldn't make it to the gym today. Whatever I did yesterday really messed up my ankle. It hurts! But I did start the #plankaday challenge. Anyone want to join??? Make sure you're following me on! Today was day 2 and I'm not doing to bad, IMO.

Day 1: 
Not to bad for a beginning start to a plank. I tried REALLY hard to push for a whole minute but I just couldn't do it. And it didn't help that the dog was trying so hard to get underneath just to lick my face. LOL (Gotta love furbabies) 


Day 2:

Added 1.8 seconds today. It's a slow and steady increase!! :) 

So how is everyone doing so far this week? Ready for the weekend? Just remember to even though its the weekend, its not a time to take "time off". I won't lie; weekends are the hardest for me but I make sure I'm conscious of what I'm doing on the weekends. Any big plans? This weekend is going to be really hard for me though because we are starting to get into county fairs and festival times. I'm going to make sure that I have healthy snacks in my purse to avoid the greasy, fried "bad for you stuff". 

Have a good weekend!! Something to remember this weekend!! 

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