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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Set it up Sunday!

Well week one is over and I have to say I am feeling so much better now that I'm getting back on track with everything!! How did everyone else's week go??

 So here is this week's goals: (I am going to keep them the same this week)

 Monday - 6am: gym (cardio) 
 Tuesday - 6am: gym (weight training) 
 Wednesday - 6am: gym (cardio) 
 Thursday - 6am: gym (weight training) 
 Friday - Rest 
 Saturday - Gym (cardio) 
 Sunday - Gym (cardio & weight training)

 What are your new goals for this week?? I will be throwing out a mini challenge this week again so be on the look out! Happy Sunday! :)

Day 4 - #plankaday  ONE MINUTE MARK REACHED!!

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