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Thursday, March 22, 2012

This week sucks!

Thanks to AF! I refuse to weigh in this week and I have been having a HARD time staying out of the kitchen. I've been trying to fill my cravings with healthy foods (ie. fruits and veggies) but nothing sounds as good or would taste as good as a KING SIZE candy bar right now!! BUT kudos to me, I have not succumb to that craving yet and I do not plan on it. I am totally slacked off with the gym this week b/c I feel like total ass. My thoughts on this is, its one week. I am still watching what I eat and not gorging myself during meals. I can make it up next week.

This is my life, not a diet. I can do this! Its one day at a time....


  1. You can do it Ash!! Even if you eat a King size candy bar...I would rather opt for a regular sized one and indulge a little bit ;-) In the past my husband and I would each have a king size candy bar and split a third. We were that big of fatties. Life has changed. It isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle. And life has its ups and downs....and so will your eating habits on certain days. It is just choosing to get back up and face a new day!

    1. thanks Jess!! I've been eating skinny cow ice cream sandwhiches which is helping the chocolate craving.